‘Grasp chance to axe EU soil directive’, says CLA

22 November 2013

The CLA said today (3 October) its continued lobbying of Brussels to drop the EU Soils Directive will save the UK £5billion implementation costs if it is successfully blocked.

The Association said its work on the issue and continued support of the Government as part of a blocking minority have led to the Directive being stopped in its tracks - with little prospect of getting going again.


CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "We believe the UK already has policies in place to deliver soil protection through cross-compliance, Environmental Stewardship and the Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative.


"If the soil directive is put in place, it will create more red tape and be a great burden on agriculture in Britain. Other industries dealing with contaminated soil, such as on building sites, will also be forced to incur huge costs when there are perfectly adequate remediation provisions in place.

The Association said it welcomed the UK's influence on the Commission across a wide range of EU legislation to limit further burdens being put in place.

Mr Cotterell added: "This opportunity needs to be grasped. We will work closely with Defra to watch these delayed proposals and continue to lobby Brussels to withdraw the Directive."