How to engage in the General Election Campaign

Although the snap General Election called by the Prime Minister comes with a shorter campaigning period than normal there will still be plenty of opportunities to engage with those seeking your vote on 8 June. Below are some tips from CLA External Affairs Team on how to engage with candidates in your constituency.

  •  Throughout the campaign candidates will be out and about seeking to speak to individuals to try and convince as many people as possible to vote for them. Keep an eye out on candidates’ websites for any public meetings that you could attend to ask questions.
  • Information about who is standing in each constituency is available online and by entering your postcode on a “who is standing” search engine you will be able to see who is standing in your constituency. The BBC’s General Election website will have such a search engine.
  • Each party will produce a manifesto, which will include a series of commitments, regarding what it will do if elected. Manifestos are produced centrally by each party, therefore, if there is something in a party’s manifesto you disagree with it might be worth asking your local candidate for their view, who knows they might disagree with their own manifesto.
  • If you can’t or don’t get the opportunity to speak to the candidates in your constituency in person there is nothing wrong with sending a letter (although you may get a quicker reply if you send an email) asking for their views on a particular topic.