Streamlining the planning application process

The Government’s response to the recent consultation on streamlining the planning application process is to be welcomed, at least, in part.

CLA members constantly complain about the amount of information a planning authority requires them to provide to support a planning application – some of this information being largely irrelevant and thus disproportionate to the development proposed.

Since case law changed the position in 2009, the CLA has been lobbying government for the reinstatement of the ability to make a planning appeal if a planning application remains unvalidated after a certain time period due to a dispute between applicant and planning authority about requirements for additional information from the applicant. We are pleased to see that the Government’s response to the consultation is to reinstate this right of appeal.

On the other hand, the CLA also suggested a much shorter route for handling planning application validation disputes either by mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution, unfortunately the government seems unwilling to pursue these at the moment. We will continue to keep the matter under review.