Landowners should use HS2 consultation to fight grossly unfair system, says CLA.

06 November 2013

The consultation, which ends on 11 July, will allow members to flag up the unfairness of having their property taken from them as part of the government-backed scheme.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "The consultation document refers to fairness in compulsory purchase. However, compulsory purchase is so grossly unfair it makes the relationship between supermarkets and farmers seem like a level playing field. 

"Rural landowners have their land compulsorily purchased and are forced to live with the consequences for generations. The CLA report Fair Play addresses many of the deficiencies in the current system and spells out the practical solutions we have put to ministers and MPs."

The consultation document contains extensive detail and maps of the environment surrounding HS2 but so far fails to quantify the impact the rail line would have on agriculture and other rural businesses.

Mr Cotterell added: "It is important that everyone affected by the route takes a careful look at these new maps and additional detail in the Environment Statement. We will ensure our voices are heard – it is not just about land and buildings, it's about homes and livelihoods."