Double HS2 announcements signal time for action, says CLA.

06 November 2013

Firstly, HS2 Ltd launched its consultation on the Phase 2 route, which covers the two legs from Birmingham to Manchester, and on to Leeds – more than twice the length of phase 1.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "Past experience shows that the earlier representations are made the greater the opportunity for change. I therefore urge CLA members to consider the impacts on their properties and businesses and seize this first, real opportunity to present your case for mitigation. 

"The Association also stresses that any representations to HS2, either for mitigation or compensation, must be well presented and backed by firm evidence if they are to stand a chance of succeeding, adding that failure to respond will mean living with the consequences."

Secondly, HS2 Ltd launched the Phase 2 Exceptional Hardship Scheme, which the Government hopes will offer some compensation to those who have to relocate, but are unable to sell. 

The CLA President said: "While there are many flaws in the EHS, it is currently the only mechanism to deliver compensation to at least a few of those affected, providing they meet the overly strict criteria.

"In response to amendments suggested by the CLA, the Transport Minister, Simon Burns, committed the government to delivering fair and generous compensation.  We, now, urge him to bring forward a robust Property Bond Scheme to alleviate, for many, what could be a generation of uncertainty, stagnation and financial loss."