CLA President’s plea to influential committee of MPs on HS2 fairness.

06 November 2013

CLA President Harry Cotterell yesterday (9 July) gave evidence to the House of Commons' influential Public Bill Committee in relation to the HS2 Preparation Bill.

After his appearance before the MPs, Mr Cotterell said: "It is vital property owners are given peace of mind with fair compensation if their properties are acquired. Currently, landowners are the last thought in the whole process, leaving them severely disadvantaged with their businesses stagnated for a generation.

"Over-zealous acquirers often do whatever they can to reduce the compensation payable. Businesses and individuals are left to foot the cost of government infrastructure. HS2 Ltd. needs to communicate with those affected."

He added: "Acquirers should have a 'duty of care' to those whose properties are bought, as the CLA proposed in its Fair Play report, and there should be a property bond scheme. The CLA is suggesting amendments to strengthen the Bill and we are urging MPs to support us in this."