CLA lobbies Transport Secretary on HS2 compensation and mitigation.

06 November 2013

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: "We raised our concerns about the inadequacy of the compulsory purchase system which can allow the acquirer to take more land than it needs while at the same time paying derisory compensation. We told Mr McLoughlin that fairer compensation and adequate mitigation measures are needed.

"We are suggesting amendments to improve the compensation proposals in the HS2 Preparation Bill which is having its second reading today."

Mr Cotterell added: "While we do not support or oppose HS2, we are asking for fair and prompt compensation, a duty of care, minimised land take and proactive mitigation for businesses on and close to the railway, all backed by a property bond scheme fit for the 21st Century.

"We have met a large number of MPs who have constituencies along the route, and others with transport interests, and found a lot of support for looking at the compulsory purchase and compensation provisions within the Bill."

In its recent policy report Fair Play, the CLA has called for a radical reform of the compulsory purchase system.