Welsh Government Changes to Sheep Movement Records

Sheep movement recording changes – 1st September 2018.


Welsh Ministers have agreed to the removal of the batch reporting exemption for sheep, as part of the package of measures introduced to the CPH system in Wales.


As of 1st September 2018, sheep moving between separate CPHs will need to be individually recorded on EIDCymru and/or the movement licence and flock book.


Lambs can continue to move on the flock number if identified with a single electronic slaughter tag, but the number of lambs per flock number would be required to be recorded in the flock record. (Licences kept in chronological order can be used as a record of flock book off moves but not for on moves).


Moves to Central Point Recording Centres (CPRCs) (Markets, Abattoirs, Collection Centres and Assembly Centres), will remain the same and the CPRC can supply you with the list of tag numbers for the flock record and attach to the licence.


To assist keepers, a “return move” button will be available on EIDCymru so that when animals return from tack, the movement can be recorded with ease.  Please log onto www.eidcymru.org for further details.

The Welsh Government’s CPH project, is introducing a new 10 mile rule for all livestock species, which replaces the 5 mile rule for sheep and goat holdings. This means that sheep and goat keepers are now able to register all their land within 10 miles under a single CPH number, using Manage My CPH on RPWOnline. Further information can be found at: www.gov.wales/cphproject.


The table below illustrates the amended recording requirements, new sheep & Goat keeper guidance will be available in August.



Movements to another holding number (CPH)

Identified with Full EID

Full individual UK numbers e.g.   UK074123600001.  However, if moving via   a CPRC, you can use the list provided by them.


Full individual UK numbers e.g.   UK074123600001.  However, you can tick   the box on the licence if moving to a CPRC.

Identified with a single electronic slaughter tag

Total number of lambs moved with each different   flock number recorded e.g. UK741234 x 24; UK741235 x 26 = 50 lambs in total.


Total number of lambs moved.

Red – Flock record

Blue – Movement Document


Any queries please contact your local Farm Liaison Officers or the Customer Contact Centre 03000 062 5004.