CLA Cymru Policy and Advice

CLA Cymru Response to Welsh Government Consultation, Sustainable Farming & Our Land, 31 October 2019

"Sustainable Farming & Our Land" is the second Welsh Government consultation offering proposals to replace and improve upon the EU Common Agricultural Policy regime for supporting and regulating farming in Wales. Since the deadline for responses has passed, the Welsh Government has appointed independent consultants to assess the responses. The Government is looking to a "co-design phase" which will model various options to replace existing support structures.

Welsh Government Consultation: Renting Homes (Fees) (Wales) Act 2019

This Welsh Government Consultation examines two sets of regulations under the Renting Homes (Fees etc.) (Wales) Act 2019:

1.Regulations under paragraph 6 of Schedule 1 to the 2019 Act may set an additional description of default and prescribe a limit on payments in default - Consultation seeks views on what default payments may be required and what, if any limits are placed on them for a breach of a tenancy agreement.


2.Regulations may prescribe information a landlord (or agent) must provide to a prospective tenant before they take a holding deposit - Consultation seeks view on what information must be given to a prospective tenant before they pay a holding deposit to a landlord or agent.

The consultation period closed on 19 July 2019.