Welsh Farmers need a Workable Solution to Secure their Future

04 June 2019

CLA Cymru responds to the Welsh Government statement, today, "Brexit and our Land: Securing the future of Welsh Farming."

“Welsh farm businesses must have the best opportunities to make use of their assets in Wales’ formula for post-Brexit farm support,” says CLA Cymru in response to the Welsh Government’s Brexit and our Land statement today which looks to secure the future of Welsh Farming.

CLA Cymru Director, Rebecca Williams adds, “Farmers need to be given the tools and resources to support them to be globally-competitive, resilient and to deliver the range of public and market goods that we now expect from them.”

We welcome the progress made to develop a post-Brexit solution to support Welsh farming – critical to the Welsh rural economy. The statement by the Minister recognizes the value of sustainable farming and also the vital contribution that sustainable land management provides for delivering a range of language positive outcomes.

“Today’s Welsh farmers run complex businesses active in many sectors providing the economic backbone of the rural community. To secure the future of these businesses and the rural economy in general, it is important that the support-mechanism recognises and actively encourages Welsh farmers’ entrepreneurship and ingenuity. The new structure should dovetail with and benefit from the Welsh Government’s wider Economic Action Plan to ensure that the farming sector is fully integrated with the Welsh economic community.”

“Today’s announcement is a significant milestone, but there is more work to do. CLA Cymru will continue to work closely with the Welsh Government to develop the best possible solution to ensure rural communities prosper in the future.”