CLA welcomes council move to ban release of sky lanterns and balloons on its land

15 March 2019

The CLA has welcomed the announcement that Milton Keynes Council is banning the release of sky lanterns and balloons on council land.

CLA South East represents landowners, farmers and rural businesses in Buckinghamshire and across the wider region. Regional Director Robin Edwards said: “Releasing a naked flame with absolutely no control over where it will land is a serious threat to rural businesses, livestock, wildlife and the environment.

“There is simply no responsible way to use them. They can kill animals, litter the countryside and start fires, so we wholeheartedly welcome the council’s announcement.”

The CLA has been campaigning for a total ban across the country for a number of years, with more than 50 councils so far implementing a ban.

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For more information about the ban, visit for the council documentation.