CLA South East statement on the re-opening of recycling centres

11 May 2020


Recycling centres across the region are beginning to re-open as restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic start to ease, albeit for fewer hours and following essential social distancing rules.

CLA South East represents thousands of farmers, landowners and rural businesses in Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and the Isle of Wight.

Tim Bamford, the CLA’s lead on fly-tipping, said: “We welcome the re-opening of recycling centres, especially as many areas have seen worrying incidents of fly-tipping during lockdown.

“As businesses begin to re-open, especially hardware shops and DIY stores, household waste will be building up. It is essential that recycling sites are open and councils must provide all means possible to facilitate the responsible disposal of rubbish.

“Of course centres need to operate safely, so we would urge anyone using them to follow social distancing rules and the latest guidelines from government.

“The vast majority of people are responsible and law-abiding citizens, but a worrying minority show no regard for the environment and local communities by fly-tipping their waste. Please do not dump rubbish – it has a huge financial and environmental impact and is a blight on our beautiful countryside.”

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