Water reports show some areas experienced virtually all of their February rainfall in just 10 days, during a month which was both hot and snowy

The latest water reports have revealed that some parts of the South East experienced virtually all of their monthly rainfall during a 10-day period.

In its latest water reports, the Environment Agency said as a whole the region received close to its long term average total rainfall for February.

However, the first 10 days accounted for about 90% of the monthly totals. There was little significant rainfall after the 10th, when the weather became unseasonably warm.

In Kent for example, February’s rainfall stood at 103% of the long term average overall. Nearly all of this fell in the first nine days, with snowfall in many places on the 1st, and record-breaking high temperatures in the dry weather later in the month.

The soil moisture deficits started the month close to zero, but rose slightly during the period of dry weather, to end the month close to the average. Recharge was slightly higher than average.

Most rivers responded to the rainfall at the beginning of the month, declining again in the second half of the month. The groundwater levels at all the indicator sites rose during February.

Twenty four fluvial flood alerts were issued during the month.