Counterfeit NPORS Operator Card alert

Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau are warning people about counterfeit National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) cards being offered for sale on eBay.

The NPORS Operator Card is a record of the training or assessment an individual has completed to prove their competence to prospective employers in the construction, utilities, distribution and warehousing, ports and marine, rail and agricultural sectors.

NPORS is one of the most recognised and accredited training schemes in the UK and the card proves a person’s ability to safely operate or drive an item of plant machinery or equipment.

The implication could be the fraudulent use of any such card or certificate in order to gain employment, and the possible knock on effect to a company of the health and safety liabilities connected with employing untrained persons to operate plant machinery.

There are other accredited training bodies and recognised operator card schemes and hundreds of training companies, so it can be difficult for employers and recruitment agencies to know if someone is properly trained to operate plant.


Tips for employers to check if an Operator Card is genuine

- Who issued the certificate / Operators Card? Search online to see if the company who issued the certificate is legitimate.

- Is the training company accredited? (e.g. RTITB, ITSSAR, AITT or NPORS).

- Does the certificate include particular details such as the dates of training and when the test was passed, as well as the type of machine the operator has been trained on?

- Has the certificate been altered?

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