Standing Against Rural Crime: The CLA’s Five Asks

19 April 2021

CLA North letter to prospective Police and Crime Commissioners with details about the CLA's key asks on rural crime.

19th April, 2021 

Dear Candidate,

Standing Against Rural Crime: The CLA’s Five Asks

As a Police and Crime Commissioner you will have the power to make a difference and, should you be elected, we ask you to pledge to protect rural communities through targeted funding and the resourcing and training of policing teams covering rural areas.

The CLA represents 28,000 members who operate over 250 different types of business and enterprise in rural areas. Collectively, our members own and manage around 50% of the land across England and Wales. For many of our members, rural crime is a blight on their lives as criminals are often emboldened by the isolation of rural communities, leaving families, farmers and business owners feeling vulnerable and powerless. While much good work is already being done, police forces need continuous investment in resources to investigate and prevent criminal activity in the countryside.

We ask you to commit to a rural manifesto focusing on the following five priorities: wildlife crime, support for the National Rural Crime Network, a focus on tackling crime against businesses, greater joined-up enforcement work, and an effort to promote education and the Countryside Code. Please see the leaflet accompanying this letter for further information on these points.

In a survey last year, 38% of the 8,000 people who took part had fallen victim to rural crime in the preceding 12 months. The CLA estimates that the average financial impact per incident is nearly £5,000, not to mention the psychological effects which can be felt for a long time after the crime has taken place.

These elections are an important opportunity to ensure that the next Police and Crime Commissioner for your area not only understand the cost and impact of rural crime, but is committed to taking a stand and reducing it.

If you would like to talk through any of the issues in the leaflet or about combating rural crime more generally, please do not hesitate to contact Libby Bateman, who is CLA lead on rural crime in the North Region, on 01748 907070 or email .

Yours sincerely 

DU Fairburn

CLA Director North