29 May 2019

As many members will be aware, the proposal to dual the remaining single carriageway stretches of the A66 between Scotch Corner in the east and Penrith in the west is progressing.

The consultation is under way and runs until 11 July. Members affected by the proposals are urged to respond to the consultation which can be accessed via the following links:



Farmers and land owners who are directly affected should already have been contacted and invited to a one to one meeting. However, if affected members have not had an invitation, please either contact Highways England through the links above, or contact CLA North’s Rural Surveyor, Robert Frewen by telephoning 01748 90 7070.

Additional open days and meetings are detailed in the links above.

The current timeline of the dualling is:


Consultation                                                  11 July 2019


Selection of preferred route                           Spring 2020


Temporary traffic management plans            Summer 2020


Consultation on preliminary designs             2021


Construction start                                          2024

Robert Frewen has already been in discussion with Highways England, in particular to ask them to treat the farmers and land owners whose land it being taken properly throughout the process.

Robert has also stressed the need for effective temporary traffic management during the works, particularly because so many of the roads both north and south of the route are so narrow and wholly unsuited to high traffic volumes.

The CLA will have a careful look at proposed traffic management when it is published next year. The CLA will not be making specific representations on the actual route options on the basis that what might help one CLA member risks disadvantaging another.