Copeland Borough Council is currently in the process of producing the new Copeland Local Plan 2017- 2035, and is now consulting on its first draft.

This will become the key planning policy document for the borough, replacing the current Copeland Local Plan 2013-2028 (Core Strategy and Development Management Policies (DPD), which was adopted in December 2013.

As part of the Local Plan process, the council has developed a draft Local Plan Issues and Options document. The Issues and Options document provides contextual information about the borough and covers a wide variety of topics, including housing, the economy, infrastructure, tourism and leisure and design, among others.

The council welcomes your views on the issues and options set out within the document and wants to give you the opportunity to put forward any alternative approaches which you feel should be considered. An eight week public consultation on the Issues and Options Draft is therefore being carried out until  20 January 2020.

Copies of the Issues and Options Draft can be viewed on the council website by clicking here.

Call for Sites

The Council has carried out several call for sites in recent years but wants to give landowners a further opportunity to put forward sites they feel should be considered as future housing allocations.

Landowners wishing to submit sites for consideration should complete a Site Submission Form. Completed forms, along with a map showing the site outlined in red, should be submitted to the council at the above address by 20th January 2020 in order to be considered in the forthcoming Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) which will inform the new Local Plan. 

Site Submission forms and the Interim SHLAA Report are available at the following link:

Integrated Assessment

Accompanying the Issues and Options document will be the Integrated Assessment of the Local Plan: Scoping Report Update (IA). The IA will incorporate the Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Health Impact Assessment which aims to promote sustainable development and health through the better integration of social, economic and environmental considerations throughout the Local Plan process.

Whilst the IA is not available for public comment, a copy is available to view at the following link:

Members requiring further information on any of the above documents, can contact the council’s Strategic Planning team by telephoning 01946 598 435, 598 434 or 598 496.

Members who have concerns about any aspect of the Local Plan can discuss it with CLA North Rural Surveyor Robert Frewen by telephoning 01748 90 7070.