11 June 2019

The YDMT offers free advice and funding to support the creation of new native broadleaf woodlands.

Working with their partners they can provide advice on woodland planting, design and specification, help to complete a woodland grant application, identify other potential funding opportunities and recommend contractors to carry out the work.

The grants support the creation of new woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Nidderdale AONB. Applications from outside this area will also be considered if they meet funding criteria.

The main focus of an application should be the planting of native broadleaf woodland. However, YMDT may also be able to fund other project elements, such as planting non-native species or hedgerows, providing they meet eligibility criteria around biodiversity and conservation.

To be eligible for funding a proposed woodland should:

• Significantly conserve, enhance or add to the natural heritage

• Be accessible to the general public or be clearly visible from a public right of way

• Be supported by the local community.

For more information contact Carol Douglas by telephoning 015242 51002 or emailing carol.douglas@ydmt.org