24 October 2018

Current situation

The Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS) provides grants up to £5000 for infrastructure improvement and land management changes in Severn Trent Water (STW) target areas. Applications are currently being accepted if you are within a Severn Trent target area.


STEPS aims to protect and improve watercourses and the wider environment by supporting improvements which are above and beyond good agricultural practice.

The scheme is voluntary and funded by Severn Trent Water. It is supported by dedicated local agricultural advisors who can provide one to one help with the application process. Please note that grants are awarded via a scoring system.
Applicants demonstrating a clear water quality benefit to the issues of concern in that area and who have engaged with our local agricultural advisor are most likely to be successful.

Am I eligible?
To qualify for the scheme you must comply with the following basic criteria -
• You must farm within a Severn Trent target area. To find out if you
farm in a target area please contact your Severn Trent Water agricultural advisor.
• You must farm a minimum of 3 hectares. This can be either owned or leased land.
• You must display a minimum level of farming activity as detailed in the STEPS handbook.


How do I apply?
You can apply online or you can download the full scheme handbook and application form.

We advise you to read the handbook before making an application – this will improve the chances of you making a successful application. Getting in touch with your local agricultural advisor before making your application will also significantly increase the likelihood of making a successful application.