Trees for large scale planting in the Shropshire Hills

11 July 2019

Shropshire Trees

The Shropshire Hills AONB is working in partnership with the Woodland Trust to plant more trees.

By planting small woodlands and hedgerows in the Shropshire Hills you can help to conserve soils, improve water infiltration and help in building a joined-up network of habitats that allow wildlife and people to thrive. 

You can receive:

  • Tailored advice
  • Grants and funding
  • Trees and protection

 on farms , along riverbanks, in the hills, valleys and dingles and in parks and gardens

Whether you want to plant a shelterbelt or harvest your own wood fuel, we’ll visit your site to take a look at where you want to plant trees. We can help you design the woodland and select the most appropriate species mix. If you plant the trees yourself or use a contractor, the Woodland Trust will contribute to the costs of your project.

Eligibility criteria and theme:

  • Woodlands for Wildlife - Minimum 0.5ha (if you haven’t got 0.5ha you can work in combination with your neighbour to plant trees)
  • Hedgerow creation and restoration for wildlife corridors - Minimum 100m (500 trees)
  • Riparian restoration for water and wildlife - No minimum (lineage/numbers by negotiation)
  • Shelterbelts and down-slope or in-field buffer strips for erosion control and wildlife benefit - Minimum 400 trees

For more information contact Mike Kelly at the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership on, or telephone 01743 254743