North Shropshire Farmer Cluster Group

11 September 2019

A number of North Shropshire Farmers are developing the idea of a Cluster Group for the region. This farmer-led group aims to investigate the concept of natural capital and public goods in order to understand how to align farm business planning with emerging policy. Key areas of environmental interest are:

  • Enhancing boundary habitats to create landscape connectivity, to benefit wildlife sites, pollinators etc and capture carbon.
  • Soil management in farming systems that include roots and manures
  • Nutrient movement on farms to inform approaches to manure management, maximise its value and limit off-farm impacts from leaching and ammonia

We are keen to get farmers of all types and sizes involved. We will be applying for facilitation funding from Natural England. If you are interested or have any comments or ideas, please contact Kate Mayne as soon as possible on 07730 579645 or