CLA Member Profile: Lucienne, Ginger and Jura


Luci and Ginger

Lucienne Sutton is a Consultant Solicitor at Allington Hughes Law, a legal firm based in Cheshire and North Wales.  Lucienne has been with Allington Hughes for three years and specialises in renewable energy work, acting for both landowners and developers for wind and solar projects.  As well as this area of work, Lucienne also deals with general commercial property work such as leases and purchases of commercial properties and areas of farmland.  More recently, Lucienne has extended her areas of expertise into battery storage and diesel generation projects.

In her spare time, Lucienne loves to spend time with her two dogs, Ginger and Jura.  Ginger is a 6 year old German Shepherd dog who was bred by Lucienne’s brother. He was a trainee search and rescue dog, but has since altered his “work” to be a therapy dog.  Ginger was assessed by Pets As Therapy and passed successfully, so now provides therapy to patients and staff in nursing homes and some hospital units.


If you want to follow Ginger’s antics (assisted by Luci and Jura) check out his Twitter account @gingegsd

Pets As Therapy is a national charity founded in 1983 to enhance health and wellbeing in the community.  Lucienne loves visiting people with Ginger as he is very calm around people and likes all the fuss and attention!  It also means that people get a different view of how a German Shepherd dog can be –very different to the perceived fierce protection dogs.

Lucienne’s other dog, Jura, is a fox red Labrador. Jura was previously a police dog searching for cash, firearms and drugs, but was teamed up with Lucienne last year to be a drugs detection dog team. Jura can check people, known as passive searching, or can check buildings, open areas and vehicles, known as proactive searching.

Lucienne loves to work with Jura as he really enjoys it and it doesn’t feel like a job!  Ginger doesn’t like to miss out and usually comes along for the ride and gets walks when Jura has a break.  Lucienne has recently worked with Jura at Cheltenham Festival and at Aintree, it’s a busy time of year for the detection dogs!

In what spare time is left, Lucienne trains with, and is an operational team member, of Cheshire Search and Rescue team.  The team is a lowland search and rescue team and works with the police and other emergency services to find missing people.  The team was shown on the “Reported Missing” programme on BBC1.  Members of the team are from all walks of life and are all volunteers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Jura, Luci and Ginger

Lucienne has been lucky enough that Allington Hughes Law has agreed a more flexible contract with her to allow her to continue working with her dog and to be able to carry out her volunteer work.  She is happy to be contacted at any time to assist her clients. 01244 312 166

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