CLA Members: Organic Hedging and Trees

A Family Run Organic Tree Nursery

Organic Hedging and Trees is situated on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border and is the only Soil Association certified organic hedging and tree nursery in the UK specialising in bare root whips and 2-3 metre trees supplied as root balls.

Organic Hedging & Trees

Under the direction of Keith Shropshire the family-run tree nursery draws on 30 years of experience growing organic vegetable and salad production for supermarkets. As a subsidiary to the larger family farming business this new operation seeks to provide a unique opportunity for any customer interested in: provenance; natural production; restriction of artificial chemicals; reducing the mining of peat; and a competitive pricing package.

A proven provenance record is of major importance to the nursery and several options for seed selection and subsequent growth are available. In the vast majority, Organic Hedging and Trees grow their produce from seed provided by a certified seed supplier. If required, seeds can be supplied from a specific region or can be taken from a customer’s own tree. The family nursery also use seeds collected from their own trees on the farm. 

Natural production methods learnt from Soil Association certified approaches are evident at the nursery. Using organically approved mechanical and biological pest and weed control, combined with techniques successful throughout the late eighteenth century up until the second world war, are all important to the nursery.

Organic Hedging and Trees has a zero tolerance of the use of artificial chemicals. The team readily admit that whilst the growing of any plants without chemicals and synthetic fertilisers is a learning curve and can incur higher overheads, the benefits to our environment and wildlife far outweigh the costs. 

Nil use of peat is not required for organic certification. However, the nursery appreciate the adverse effects the mining of peat has on the climate and in destroying valuable ecosystems and so grow all their trees without the addition of peat.

A small family run nursery who aim to keep their pricing competitive, to listen to their customers and provide a one to one service with an ethos of no order being too small.  It ships trees all over the United Kingdom at a low fixed shipping rate using 90% biodegradable products.  

The team at Organic Hedging and Trees are convinced that the production of organic trees in a UK nursery will reduce the danger of further imported diseases and other issues, and will be a sustainable and environmentally sound source of UK trees for future generations. 


Tel: 07711 493753