14 November 2019

The CLA has welcomed the government’s announcement of funds to support farmers and communities that have been affected by the recent major flooding.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced that flood-hit farmers will be able to apply for up to £25,000 in government grants to help them get back on their feet.

The government has confirmed it will extend its Farming Recovery Fund to support farmers badly affected by the most recent serious flooding.

Through this scheme, farmers and land managers who have suffered uninsurable damage to their property will be able to apply for grants of between £500 and £25,000 to cover repair costs – whether that’s clearing debris or recovering damaged land.  

The CLA is in regular contact with Defra and more detail on how the funding support meets the needs of those affected will be available in due course.

CLA East Regional Director Cath Crowther said: “The CLA welcomes the government’s announcement of funding for farmers affected by the recent flooding. It is our hope that affected farmers will be able to apply without unnecessary red tape.


“In addition, we have impressed on Defra, the necessity of “force majeure” around relevant provisions in the CAP regime and cross compliance. There is a need for derogations for farmers with environmental schemes to allow recovery work to start.”


“Farmers will be understandably distressed about the standing water and impact it is having on unharvested and newly planted crops, as well as the welfare of livestock. These are very difficult times.”


“The CLA, along with partner organisations will continue to do whatever is required to ensure resources are allocated to help farming and other rural business concerns.”