The CLA View

08 April 2019

Ben Underwood looks ahead to 2019

I have visited a number of CLA members in recent weeks and attended various events across our region where the common theme of new and alternative income streams has been a topic of conversation. Whilst productive and profitable food production remains the core for many land based businesses, diversifying into new areas, and making your land, business and property assets work harder, has never been more important.

I am always impressed by the innovative and entrepreneurial mind-set of CLA members. The examples of farms and estates successfully increasing their revenues through diversification are endless and many of them have had advice and support from the CLA in setting up their enterprise. Our team of advisers are experts in their field and cover a plethora of subject areas include planning, legal advice and taxation to name but a few. The CLAs determined lobbying on a whole range of matters is focused on developing new financial opportunities for landowners and ensuring the right incentives and policy levers are in place so that businesses can embrace and take advantage of new sources of income.

I would like to draw your attention to the CLA events page as we enter the busy AGM season. We have some exciting visits planned across our region and I look forward to meeting as many members as possible in the coming weeks. I urge you to book places as quickly as possible as these events are always extremely popular and are likely to be fully booked soon. You can view all upcoming CLA events by clicking here.