04 November 2020

Northamptonshire’s Rural Crime Team has launched Operation Connect – an intensive six-month campaign of enforcement and community engagement activity which will target criminals whose crimes threaten the livelihoods of farmers and our rural communities across the county.

The size of the rural crime team in Northamptonshire has doubled in recent weeks.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Chris Thomas, said: “Rural communities can often feel overlooked when it comes to policing so I hope the launch of Operation Connect and the doubling of the Force’s Rural Crime Team reassures people that their livelihoods and their safety is just as important to us as other areas of the county.

“The farmers we have spoken to so far are really pleased to see the investment we have made and it’s been heartening to hear how much they want to work with us to tackle rural crime.

“Enforcement activity will be by way of specific day-time and night-time operations and we will be utilising every form of technology, including high performance vehicles and thermal imaging drones, to both tackle and prevent crime.”

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