CLA East staff attended a workshop run by representatives from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) looking at the trajectory for increasing Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards from the current E minimum to a C Rating by 2035. With 3.4 million properties across the UK currently below a C Rating for energy performance, and 180,000 properties in rural areas off the gas grid, this policy proposal could have serious implications for CLA members with residential let properties amongst their assets.

The workshop presented a good opportunity for the CLA to raise the concerns they have regarding this ambitious target and how it will be implemented particular given the age of rural housing stock and the near impossibility of bringing many properties up even towards an E let alone a D or C rating. The CLA also contributed to lively discussions relating to the funding of energy improvements, how the Energy Performance Certificates could be overhauled and what the trajectory should look like between now and 2035.

If members have any questions or comments relating to Minimum Energy standards that currently apply or to the possible changes by 2035 please contact the Regional Office on 01638 590429.