An introduction to What3words

What3words is an app that is making everywhere in the world easy to find with a grid system of 3m squares – each identified by a three-word marker.

Many emergency services around the UK are now using the app as part of their operations. In these areas, callers now give a 3 word address over the phone when they call 999 and help will be sent straight to that precise location.

If your local services have integrated what3words, you can find your current 3 word address on the what3words app and give it to the call handler. The 3 word address will then be used by the control room to identify your precise location and send help exactly where it is needed.

In the East of England the fire & rescue and police services in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk are all now able to accept a 3 word address in the control room and are using what3words in various capacities.

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