Big Barn

BigBarn is a website to help people  find good, safe, accountable food from local sources.

BigBarn was set up 18 years ago by 5th generation farmer Anthony Davison who was annoyed with the small return his family were getting for their produce. BigBarn's mission is to reconnect consumers with their local producers and encourage trade and communication.

Trade, to help farmers get a better deal and encourage them to grow food for local people, and communication, to help consumers gain knowledge about fresh, seasonal, healthy, food. gets 5,500 visitors per day, has 7,000 local food producers and retailers on its Local Food Map and 560 have opted to have online shops in the BigBarn MarketPlace, where 19,000 consumers have set up quick pay accounts. 

BigBarn offers farmers and local food outlets an icon on the Local Food Map and password to add content like video, offers, text, images, or online shop to sell through the map or MarketPlace.

BigBarn has also developed initiatives to help build communities around food and increase food knowledge. These include a petition to get food growing, cooking and nutrition on the curriculum, and Crop for The Shop where local people and schools grow food to sell through their local farmer or shop. This also allows shops to connect and gain buy-in from their local community.

BigBarn's latest innovation is the One Map One Data initiative where everyone can share, promote, add to, and earn from, the same Local Food Map.

This fits perfectly with BigBarn’s Community Interest Company status and is done by offering all BigBarn content in an API to allow anyone to promote the map, and content, on their website to look as though it is theirs and share any income through an affiliate scheme. 

So far 60 sites have taken the code including Slow Food, RBST, BFA and regional food groups. 

All to divert a large proportion of the £120b spent with supermarkets to local trade with massive social benefits for all.

To get listed on the map with a special CLA discount click here.