Defra announces six general licences will be reissued

13 February 2020

Defra has announced that the six current general licences, which had been due to end on 29 February, will be reissued from 1 March to 31 July.

These licences include GL26, GL28, GL31, GL34, GL35 and GL36.

No action is required by licence users beyond the ongoing requirement to act in accordance with the licence conditions.

These general licences are being issued on a temporary basis, as Defra is still completing its review of scientific and practitioner evidence submitted last year. This included an online survey which gathered key information from users and stakeholders which closed in December, receiving over 4,400 responses. The CLA will continue to input into the post review stakeholder workshops with Defra.

Defra has said it hopes to have new licences in place by 1 August 2020, they are also aiming to publish them in July to allow users to become acquainted with any changes.