The decisions that must be made

The CLA's Leave or Remain: The Decisions that Politicans must make to support the Rural Economy report highlights the specific rural considerations that people will have to weigh up when they consider the implications of leaving or remaining in the EU and cast their vote in the referendum, including four principal issues for rural businesses. If the UK votes to leave the questions that our politicians have to answer are extensive and immediate. The CLA is ready to help shape these critical decisions. If the UK votes to remain it must not be seen as a vote for the status quo. The CLA will continue to make the case for improvements to ensure that EU and UK policy is delivering for our rural economy.

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The decisions our politicians must make

The impact of a reduction in funding for the rural economy regardless of whether we leave or remain within the EU should not be underestimated. This timeline outlines the timeframe in which decisions must be made in the event of either a leave or remain vote in order to avoid rural businesses failing to invest, farm businesses closing, rural communities declining in favour of moving to urban areas, or the environment suffering as landowners and farmers are unable to undertake much of the environmental management they currently do.

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The decision timeline