CLA Cymru Responds to the UK Government's "25 Year Environmental Plan"

11 January 2018

The UK Government has published its "25 Year Environment Plan" today. Here we respond from the Welsh perspective.

“The Welsh Government has set-out its own vision in recent legislation. It must work with farmers and land managers to make it happen in-practise. The Welsh Government has set out a clear direction of travel, yet there’s still much work to be done to bring about the improvements in managing our environment, natural resources and in agriculture strategy.

Some 80 per cent of all land in Wales is in private ownership. The principle that farmers and landowners deliver a range “public goods” and should be remunerated for it is becoming established. In managing land they reduce flood-risk, help to manage carbon emissions, create green-spaces and protect and promote bio-diversity. Creating markets for this vital work will represent a major step forward in managing our environment.”

  The CLA’s proposal for a new Land Management Contract between farmers and society can be found here.