On farm slaughter and mobile abattoir – A Survey

19 October 2017

Perdix Partnership represent a group of farmers who are looking to make changes in the way in which animals bred for meat, can be slaughtered on farm and sold direct to customers.

With the ever increasing demand for direct sales of meat products from farmers to the consumer and the decreasing numbers of abattoirs in the UK, there is a demand for the ability for on farm slaughter.  Not only does on farm slaughter give the farmer total control and traceability, it is also proven that for the animal, it is the least stressful and humane way of slaughter.

Under current regulation, animals have to be sent to an abattoir, where it is considered the travel and stress leads to a drop in the quality of the meat. 

On the whole an animal is born, reared and finished on farm without having to leave the holding, Perdix Partnership feels by taking it to an abattoir, which could involve many hours of travel, leads to stress and a potential loss of quality in the meat. 

There is concern that there could be loss in meat quality in the last 1 hour of the animals life due to travel stress, which when spending 26 months rearing the animal to be of the best quality, can be disheartening. 

Perdix Partnership is proposing that farmers keep control of the final few hours of the animals life to ensure the production of a quality product to sell to the customers and to ensure the animal’s last few hours are the least stressful as possible.

In order to make the necessary changes to the regulations Perdix Partnership need to prove that there is a demand and that there is a humane and safe (in terms of public health)  way of on farm slaughter . 

Perdix Partnership are seeking the support of the market place in order to take their proposals to the regulatory bodies.  This survey should help prove there is a need for change. 

They would appreciate your help in answering the attached simple questionnaire to aid their response to the regulatory bodies involved. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MOBILEABATTOIRCONSUMER

The survey is made up of 10 questions and should take less than 15 minutes to complete. 

For further information contact Paddy Hoare paddy@perdixpartnership.co.uk