Parliamentary boost for CLA scrap metal campaign

29 October 2013

The Association has lobbied to extend licensing to itinerant metal traders and introduce powers to revoke licenses, part of MP Richard Ottaway's Private Member's Bill which passed its Third Reading in the House of Commons on 12 November.

CLA South East Regional Director Robin Edwards said: "Rural areas have been hit hard by metal theft leaving businesses and communities counting the cost of such selfish and illegal actions. What is frequently not understood is that the true cost of farm theft and other rural crime is more than simply the value of the items taken. There is the cost of lost production time, of repairing the damage caused plus the risk of livestock straying due to gates being left open or fencing taken down – so we are pleased this Bill has safely reached its conclusion in the House of Commons and look forward to it being accepted as law by the House of Lords."

CLA Hampshire Chairman Hallam Mills said: "In the country, farmers and residents often become the first line of defence against criminal acts, which places a huge burden on those individuals. Two years ago, rural crime and metal theft reached such an aggressive pitch locally that we had to turn to the police for specific help and support. The police have made large steps towards understanding rural crime and crime prevention in Hampshire. I applaud the new covert techniques being used and think that this law will support police efforts tenfold."

The CLA mounted a "Scrap the Cash" campaign at the beginning of this year calling on the Government to ban cash payments to scrap metal sellers which comes into force on 3 December.