New Hampshire County Council Fly-Tipping Partnership and Project Officer

 Gareth Roberts has been appointed Fly-Tipping Partnership and Project Officer at Hampshire County Council.

He comments: “This is an exciting and challenging new role that can only be a success through collaborative working with our partners such as the CLA (who helped shape the Hampshire Fly-Tipping Strategy) and by making the most of the resources available at all the different organisations, we could really make a difference.

"One of my challenges is to make online reporting easier so residents, business and land owners know who to report Fly-Tipping to so it can be cleaned up as quickly as possible. It will also help us get a clear idea of what’s being fly-tipped, when and where so we can work with the Police and the Magistrates to get a true picture of the damage it is causing and the real cost to businesses, landowners and the community."

Gareth Roberts can be contacted on 01962 833672 or email