BT Community Fibre Partnership & Subsidy Schemes


BT works with local communities to agree a suitable and affordable option to bring fibre to an area in the so-called “final five per cent” of the country not covered by any private or publicly funded fibre broadband rollout plans – whether business or residential.

Community Fibre Partnerships work whereby the community and Openreach shared the costs of installing new fibre infrastructure in the so called ‘final 5%’.  Openreach make a significant contribution to each project, with local residents raising the funds required to make up the shortfall in the commercial case for bringing fibre to these hard-to-reach communities. 

Using the Government’s ‘Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme’ to pay for your fibre

The scheme’s been set up to help people that don’t have access to broadband speeds of at least 2Mbps, and who won’t benefit from the national superfast broadband roll out.  Each premise that falls into this category can claim £350 toward implementing a new fibre infrastructure for their community.  For example, if 20 properties in a community have broadband speeds of <2Mbps by putting their vouchers together they’d have £7000 in vouchers to offset against their cost of a gap-funded Community Fibre Partnership solution.  In many cases, this would cover the whole costs for a community.

The vouchers are eligible until the end of 2017, but at that time of redeeming them against applications, the community has to be able to connect to fibre.   It’s best to plan for up to 12 months for Openreach to install a new fibre cabinet (given all the complicated elements that are involved) so communities need to get their applications in quickly.        

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