Everything is Somewhere

Everything is Somewhere is run by Jeremy Murfitt with over 20 years experience as a chartered surveyor in property, minerals and planning. The business specialises in three key areas including: property management and planning, maps and spatial data, and aerial imagery.

A typical task is mapping property for day to day use as well as long term planning. At Donington Park EiS implemented a comprehensive map system which is an excellent tool to help the Estates Manager manage the property. With accurate and update information property management is more efficient bringing with it significant cost savings. New events and works on the property can quickly be planned and the historical problem of damaging buried cables and pipes has been eliminated.

In the agricultural sector we have helped a number of farmers in preparing detailed holding plans. This compliments work undertaken for the RPA and mapping systems have been used to capture and record everything from field subdivisions through to the location of water supplies and services on the holding. For a number of clients having accurate data has further improved efficiency and decreased costs. 

UAV’s (drones) add a further dimension to property management. Their application and use is widespread from capturing imagery of a property to undertaking building surveys. The bird’s eye view of a property does give you a completely different perspective and easily identify issues whether it is a leaky roof or extensive crop damage. Aerial imagery has also been used to assist with planning applications.

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