CLA urges members to use support available to submit BPS in time

08 June 2015

With one week until the 15 June deadline, the CLA is urging its Members to use the support available to ensure their claims for the Basic Payment Scheme 2015 in England are submitted in time.

CLA President Henry Robinson said: “The 15 June deadline is looming and we have been working closely with the Rural Payments Agency to make sure our members know what they need to do. It is now ‘last chance’ territory for anyone that still wants to claim Basic Payment in England, and we are encouraging any of our members in this situation to use the support that is available to make sure they do not miss out. For every day late beyond 15 June that a claim is submitted, the claimant will see a 1% penalty reduction of their payment, and after 10 July the claimant will have missed out completely.

“We are also advising our members to ensure that adequate postage is paid and posted forms are sent via recorded delivery, and to look out for their submission receipt from the RPA so that there is no nasty surprise when the payments are made.

“Our focus over the coming weeks is to continue pressing for assurance that the problems with the application process will not translate into payment delays, and to continue discussions with the banks and revenue authorities about how they will help farm businesses if delays do happen.”

Many of the RPA drop in centres will be open in the evenings this week, over the weekend before the deadline day, as well as until midnight on 15 June. More information and RPA Helpline hourscan be found at and at