CLA reaction to Cabinet discussions on UK/EU Trade

07 July 2018

Following the agreement reached by the Cabinet on UK/EU trade on the evening of Friday 6 July, CLA President Tim Breitmeyer gave the following statement:

“The agreement between the Cabinet of the vision for the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU is an important breakthrough in delivering a clear vision for a post-Brexit UK.

“Farmers and other rural businesses rely heavily on frictionless trade and movement of goods across EU borders and I welcome the agreement that has been reached which delivers on many of the arguments made not just by the CLA but by a wide range of business leaders. A future relationship which imposes barriers to trade or excludes agri-food would not just put at risk farming businesses but have a devastating impact across the wider rural economy.

“The Government’s vision still has to be negotiated and agreed with the EU and we must not be complacent that any deal is done but it provides a strong starting point and much needed certainty to farmers and rural businesses on what the future may hold. I will be encouraging my farming colleagues across Europe, for whom this is a significant step forward as well, to urge their governments to agree to the Prime Minister’s proposal.”