CLA Midlands Adviser Blog: Making a compensation claim against HS2


John Greenshields, CLA Regional Surveyor talks about how to make a compensation claim against HS2 a smoother process.

Due to the recent election and ongoing discussions around Brexit, HS2 has been allowed to slip off the radar, despite there still being a number of claims outstanding. This has proven to be one of the major sores for many affected owners or occupants who have the misfortune of dealing with HS2 and their vague process that needs to be navigated in order to make a claim.  

Once market value has been established with HS2, one might rightly think that it will be smooth running. Unfortunately this is not the case as HS2 can be extremely particular in the information provided with the claim and this can hold up the process for several months, providing HS2 with an excuse to further delay payment. This link will help provide you with the necessary information required to submit a valid compensation claim which will need supporting information such as invoices, emails and diary entries .

Although we live in a modern world with instantaneous traceable emails HS2 insist that your claim will only be processed if it is sent to the below address. I would also recommend that you maintain direct contact with HS2’s agent and get them to provide you with contact details for the HS2 finance team and their superiors in order to push through your claim.  

Land and Property Compensation Claims, HS2 Ltd, Two Snowhill, Snow Hill Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6GA.

With all of these matters it is essential that you use an agent to look after your interests and take some of the weight off your shoulder’s, for which you can claim back the reasonable cost for professional fees. If however you are unhappy with the handling of your claim guidance can be found at either or .