CLA55 - Hydropower as an enterprise

Hydropower is of real interest to riparian owners and the rural economy as it not only uses a natural resource to deliver energy, and is supported by Government regulation in the form of the Feed-in Tariff (payable from April 2010) and the Renewables Obligation, but it also offers the opportunity for a profitable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Capturing energy from this free resource makes sense, provided it can be done economically and with due regard to other interests of acknowledged importance.  Statutory protection afforded many rivers and the species that live in them, abstraction and impoundment licensing, and the planning system are all significant barriers that must be negotiated. The cost of connecting new electricity generation to the local grid can also be a barrier.

This handbook looks at the background to hydropower, considers the opportunities for landowners and rural businesses and includes an outline of the environmental and engineering constraints that apply.


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