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Hermione Warmington

CLA Property and Business Policy Adviser

Hermione is a Property and Business Policy Adviser who started at the CLA in late 2019. Before joining the CLA Hermione spent just under three years working as a rural surveyor at Holkham Estate. She advises on all matters related to housing.

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In late February 2020, UK Government announced a phasing out of sales of house coal within three years and restrictions on sales of wet wood from...
In these extraordinary times landlords and tenants may want or need to reconsider the terms of their existing residential tenancy agreements. This...
This Guidance Note introduces the concept of natural capital as a way of measuring and managing the environmental impacts of businesses. It outlines...
In 2015 new rules for private sewage systems came into force requiring that any septic tank which currently discharges directly to a water course be...
This Guidance Note concerns what is and is not included in a listing, i.e. the principal building and potentially fixtures, attached structures, and...

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Mandatory electrical testing for landlords has been in the legislative pipeline for some time now, writes CLA Housing Adviser Hermione Warmington.
In October, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) launched a consultation seeking views on how best to improve the...
CLA property and business policy adviser Hermione Warmington outlines the importance of the MEES consultation