Advice for Private Landlords post-Grenfell

Following the tragic events earlier this month at Grenfell Tower there is understandable concern about building materials and fire safety in residential accommodation. The Government is offering a service to any landlord that has concerns about the cladding they have installed on a building. 

To verify the safety of any insulation material installed on a property landlords are invited to send samples for examination. Due to circumstances at Grenfell Tower, Government is prioritising cladding that comes from buildings six storeys or higher.  

The letter here from the Permanent Secretary at DCLG provides all the necessary information and address to which samples can be sent.  

The Prime Minister has announced there will be a public inquiry to investigate the causes of the fire, and a review of building regulations is also being conducted. The CLA will inform members of the outcomes of both reviews and advise on any steps landlords may be required or wish to take following the conclusion of the reviews.

Members will also be aware there are regulations coming into force from 1 April 2018 that will require buildings to achieve a minimum level of energy efficiency in order to be legally let. The CLA has been in contact with officials to determine whether the tragedy at Grenfell Tower will have any impact on these regulations and the current line from Government is it will not. 

Members are advised to review their fire assessment procedures and contact tenants reminding them to ensure that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms (where necessary) are fully operational. 

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