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CLA Cymru's Fraser McAuley speaks, at this external event, on the Welsh Agricultural Pollution Regulations

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Registration to the online event is via HCR's website, see below

Business and legal insights from our nationally leading agricultural specialists

Join us and be prepared for NVZ changes and to make the most of current and future opportunities from tidying up your partnership to positioning for carbon capture.

Session agenda:

  • Introduction and Welcome - Esther Stirling (Chair), Partner, Head of Agricultural Dispute Resolution, HCR
  • The transition to an All Wales Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) - Fraser McAuley, Senior Policy Advisor, CLA Cymru
  • Farming Pollution - A Guide to Waste and Soil - Aled Owen, Partner, Investigation, Regulation and Tax, HCR
  • The Future Landscape - Habitat management and carbon offset - Denise Wilkinson, Head of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, HCR Hewitsons
  • Farm partnership disputes and what to do when they go wrong - Bryn Thomas, Partner, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, HCR
  • Land in Partnerships - The practical issues - Gareth Williams, Head of Agricultural Property, HCR Hewitsons
  • Q&A

Please note: this is not a CLA event: inquiries about the registration process and nature of the event will be referred to the event organiser.

You can reserve your place(s) on this event here

The National Forest for Wales - slides from a presentation made in relation to the launch of The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG), 21 July 2021


This presentation was made by Welsh Government officials at the launch of this new grant initiative. A recording of the event, including questions & answers from external participants, is expected shortly.

The National Forest of Wales

Presentation slides used in a Welsh Government online event, 21 July 2021
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Wales: Agricultural Pollution Advice & Guidance Fact-sheet

Produced by Farming Connect, we are making this fact-sheet available here. CLA Cymru continues to engage with the Welsh Government on the regulations.
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Welsh Government White Paper on Agriculture

The Welsh Government's White Paper on Agriculture, 16 December 2020, is the next stage following the Sustainable Farming & Our Land Consultation which took place in 2019. The 'Paper outlines the essential structure for a new scheme to support Welsh farming to replace the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The scheme is set formally to introduce the concept of "delivery for public good." The Consultation period ends in March 2021. CLA Cymru urges members to respond directly and independently to the consultation and/or to contribute to our own feedback into the process which is ongoing in addition to a formal response from ourselves. Our own statement responding to the Consultation can be found in the CLA Cymru news-section.

The attached document represents a digest of the Consultation document - it includes links to the full document and to the Welsh Government's press release which launched the process. 

CLA Cymru's lead Policy Advisor, Fraser McAuley welcomes your views, observations or questions:, tel: 01547 317085.