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Consultations, surveys, notices, and selected industry events in the Midlands
Low Impact Forest Machinery Demo, 16 June - Expression of Interest

An invitation to CLA members from The National Forest:

In the forestry industry, we have been very fortunate to be able to continue working during the pandemic, however, the annual events which we all look forward to for networking, training, looking at new kit/machinery and just catching up with people have all been cancelled. So now that we are emerging from the pandemic and after another year of challenging weather and ground conditions for managing woodlands, Sharkey Forestry and Oakleaf Forestry have decided to hold an event within the National Forest to showcase some of the leading low impact forestry harvesting, forwarding and processing solutions. This event is open to landowners, agents and contractors interested in learning more about these machines and will be held on Wednesday 16th June 2021.

Oakleaf Forestry have agreed to supply a variety of low impact machinery for the event which will include:

Sampo HR46x harvester
Sampo FR28 forwarder
Vimek 404 Duo (harvester & forwarder)
Hypro 300 processor

The National Forest is ideal for this type of machinery, as the machines are well suited to first/second thinnings, smaller woodlands with limited access and sites well used by the public where ground disturbance has to be very minimal. The capabilities of the machines will be demonstrated in a young woodland near Markfield where the first thinning is required.

To manage numbers and comply with the government covid guidelines the demo will be an invite-only event so if you are interested in attending please contact Liz Sharkey on 07850 278566 or email for further details.

The 2021 Census of Agriculture

Defra will run a Census of Agriculture from 1 June 2021.

The census will be sent to all active commercial farms in England and can be completed online or via paper form. Defra is encourging all farmers to respond within two weeks.

The Census provides a unique and comprehensive picture of the structure of the agricultural industry. The 2021 Census will capture detailed information on land use, crop areas, livestock numbers and the farm labour force.

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for statistical purposes as per theprivacy notice.

Completion is mandatory under the Agricultural Statistics Act 1979. For further information click here

Defra consultation on farmers: lump sum exit scheme and delinked payments

The Government wants to know what you think about the proposed lump sum exit scheme for farmers and its proposed approach to delinked payments.

It is seeking views on a set of questions including:

  • the eligibility criteria and aspects of how it should calculate the value of the lump sum
  • the reference period to be used to determine eligibility for, and calculate the value of, delinked payments

This consultation closes on 11 August 2021. Follow the link below for more:

Direct Payments to farmers: lump sum exit scheme and delinked payments - GOV.UK (

New Forestry Innovation Funds: Deadline 20 June

The Forestry Commission has announced three new funding streams under its ‘Woods into Management - Forestry Innovation Funds’.

These are mainly aimed at woodland management companies, conservation organisations, timber processors, agents and contractors as well as owners.

The timeframe is tight – applications need to be made by 20 June 2021.

These schemes aim to restore vulnerable woodland habitats and help woodlands adapt to a changing climate and recover from the impacts of pests and diseases.

There are three Innovation Funds - ‘Routes to Market for Ash Timber’, ‘Temporary Infrastructure’ and ‘Regional Woodland Restoration’ (with the latter only running in North West and West Midlands).

More information at:

South Worcs: Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Consultation

Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations DPD Revised Preferred Options Consultation, Monday 17 May to Monday 5 July 2021

The South Worcestershire Councils (Malvern Hills, Worcester and Wychavon) are preparing a Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document which will set out the requirement for the number of pitches and plots to be provided to meet the needs of Travellers and Travelling Showpeople in south Worcestershire over the coming years. The final Development Plan Document will allocate new sites or extensions / intensifications to existing Travellers and Travelling Showpeople sites and will become part of the Development Plan for the South Worcestershire Councils (SWCs). The Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document will allocate sites to meet the need as identified in the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA, October 2019).

The Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document is informed by a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) which will contribute to the evidence base with the aim of delivering sustainable development. For the purposes of this consultation an Interim Sustainability Appraisal has been prepared to set out the assessment of the strategic options and sites. A full Sustainability Appraisal Report will be published alongside the Publication version of the Plan.

Consultation Details

The South Worcestershire Councils are publishing the revised Preferred Options for the Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Local Plan (known as the Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document) for a 7 week public consultation starting on 17 May and closing at 23:59 on 5 July 2021.

Further information on the Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Site Allocations Development Plan Document Revised Preferred Options consultation, including the Revised Preferred Options and supporting documents, can be found on the dedicated webpage -

Defra Plant Passport E-Learning Module

A Plant Passport E-Learning Module developed and funded by Defra, in conjunction with the Animal & Plant Health Agency and the Horticulture Trades Association has been launched

The first 10,000 courses are free and the module is voluntary to use.

A factsheet published on the Plant Health Portal provides the necessary details regarding the purpose of the module and how to access it.

If you choose to take the module, you do not need to complete it immediately, but you might find it helpful to complete the module ahead of your next Plant Passport audit visit.

Farming in Protected Landscapes - expressions of interest for Grant Panel (Shropshire)

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is a 3-year Defra funded programme starting soon, through which the AONB Partnership will offer grants to farmers and landowners for projects which deliver benefits to nature, climate, people and place.

Grants over £5,000 will be decided by a Grant Approvals Panel, and applications are being invited from individuals to be a member of the Panel.

Panel members will need to have a good understanding of the delivery of nature, climate and public benefits by farming and managing land in the Shropshire Hills AONB. Panel members will have to undertake training and follow guidance, read a significant number of applications and attend Panel meetings for decision making (frequency is not yet certain but may be around every 6-8 weeks). This is a formal role with responsibility for awarding contractual grants through Shropshire Council as accountable body, and will be governed by various regulations and guidance. There will be a process for any declaration of interests. It is a voluntary role but members will be able to claim expenses in certain circumstances.

If you have experience of farming, countryside management, natural or cultural heritage, wildlife and environmental conservation, public access and inclusivity, sustainable tourism or rural business and would like to support the delivery of this national programme within the Shropshire Hills AONB then we would be pleased to hear from you. Please make an initial expression of interest to with your name and contact details. A short, written application will be required for this role, and we will respond with the application details in due course.

Farming in Protected Landscapes will be running in all of the English National Parks and AONBs. The national framework of the programme is being approved by Defra at present and as yet details have not been released in writing about the programme, but we will update members as soon as we can.


Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick District Councils have a consultation where they are looking for land suitable to develop and this is your opportunity to engage with them, potentially pushing your land to the front of the queue and helping your long term prospects. The consultation will run from Monday 10 May to Monday 21 June.

John Greenshields, Midlands Rural Surveyor has just learnt that they are looking to produce a Local Plan which will be in place until, at least the intention is, 2050. This is to marry up with net gain aspirations and to see in the creation of new settlements.

The consultation is relatively open and the Councils have noted verbally that if there is a show of demand for certain sustainable rural development then it will help influence their discussion for the Local Plan policy.

You can find out more here

For members not within this District who hold strategic aspirations it may be worth contacting your local Council to see if similar opportunities are available.

Community Renewal Fund - Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Derbyshire - deadlines

The Government has announced a new grant for businesses in Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Derbyshire. It is a competitive grant, which unfortunately has vague criteria and is very much an experimental grant to help assess how future grants will be made in the new non-EU world. The grant is targeted to business support but can contain an element of capital funding. Unfortunately there is very little time with the deadlines being:

Herefordshire’s deadline is 23:59 on 23rd May VIEW HERE

Warwickshire’s deadline is 17:00 on 20th May VIEW HERE

For more information please click here or contact John Greenshields.

Defra has coordinated a series of online webinars and clinics on mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship applications. The webinars will provide an overview on the scheme and advice for applicants. Those interested can register for sessions, which are being grouped on a regional basis.


Consultation: Improving broadband for Very Hard to Reach premises (Closes 11 June 2021)

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) wants to hear views and experiences of consumers’ broadband connectivity in rural and remote areas of the UK. In addition, DCMS would also like to receive information on both the known benefits of broadband services and the current barriers to deployment and take-up.

Additional evidence, either from the UK or abroad, on technology availability, maturity, capabilities and costs, from suppliers and vendors is also welcomed.bbcon

The evidence gathered will enable DCMS to assess the options available for delivering improved connectivity to areas where the costs of delivering better digital infrastructure have so far proven to be a barrier to deployment.

It is also seeking contributions from organisations that represent all of these groups.



Comprehensive details of the cross compliance rules farmers and landowners must follow if they claim for the Basic Payment Scheme, a stewardship scheme or the English Woodland Grant Scheme in 2021.