What is the CLA CALM Calculator?

CALM stands for Carbon Accounting for Land Managers. This is a free web-based calculator designed by the CLA to help land managers work out the balance of greenhouse gases emitted by farming businesses, set against the carbon stored in their trees and soil.

Confidentiality of data entered into the calculator is guaranteed.

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The CLA CALM Calculator - what it is.

The CLA CALM Calculator measures emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide from a land-management businessand any carbon which is stored in soil and trees.

The emissions come from:

  • Energy and fuel use,
  • Livestock,
  • Cultivation and land-use change,
  • The application of nitrogen fertilisers and lime.

They are balanced against carbon sequestration in soil and trees.

The calculator also allows users to save their data so progress can be tracked.Asthe farming system changes from year to year the carbon balance can be recalculated.

Agriculture, land use change and forestry generate about seven percent of UK greenhouse gasses (GHG). Land-based businesses differ from most others by producing mainly nitrous oxide, from organic and non-organic fertilisers, methane from livestock, and relatively small amounts of carbon dioxide from fuel and electricity used by machinery and in buildings. Nitrous oxide and methane have a much stronger global warming effect than carbon dioxide.

On the positive side, land management can remove carbon dioxide by storing it in soil and trees - carbon sequestration.

Until the land manager knows the scale and source of his business's emissions he cannot act effectively to reduce and offset them. Making this calculation is part of the wider corporate and social responsibility process that rural businesses now take very seriously.

What makes the CLA CALM Calculator distinctive.

CALM is the first activity-based calculator available online showing the balance between annual emissions of the key GHGs and carbon sequestration associated with the activities of land-based businesses.

This activity-based approach for farms and estates is distinct from product-based carbon footprint calculators. These are often calculated on a life-cycle basis, accounting for activities upstream and downstream of the farming business. To bring about change, farm businesses need to focus on the activities in their own business, rather than looking at the activies of their suppliers and purchasers.

CALM follows the most widely-used, internationally-agreed, accounting guidelines for Government and businesses to understand, quantify and manage GHG emissions.

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The CLA CALM Calculator has been produced by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) working in partnership with Savills. The latest upgrade is sponsored by Natural England whilst the original calculator was produced with the support of the East of England Development Agency (EEDA) and the Crown Estates.