Agriculture & Rural Business

Professional, up to date advice and information from CLA on Rural business support, Farming, CAP and much more.

Agricultural Biotechnology

In recent years, the issue of biotechnology has been raised a great deal by politicians, the media and industry stakeholders within the UK and Europe in the context of addressing challenges to food security caused by changes in consumer preferences, increased demand and overall consumption.

Field Sports

If you allow country sports to take place on your land, knowledge of all aspects of the law concerning field sports is essential, from the perspective of both the sportsman and the landowner. Whether you participate yourself or simply allow sports to take place – you should be a member of the CLA.

Food Production

The CLA have always said that food production must remain the main economic activity on rural land and we continue to do so. Subsidies just to produce food have long gone and since the 1980s the CLA has argued strongly that farmers must be rewarded for all the other benefits they provide free of charge - the 'public goods'. The only way to maintain public and political support for an EU Agricultural budget is to link food and environment. Our unparalleled access to politicians leads us to believe that this is the only approach that will see any form of payment in the future.

Forestry and Woodlands

CLA Forestry and Woodland Management Policy

More than 60 percent of woodland and forests in England and Wales are in private hands. They are largely broadleaved. We offer help and support for many of these owners, and for those considering planting new woods, as well as offering advice to members on tree health and woodland management. 

Renewable Energy

The CLA has been lobbying to influence the UK’s renewable strategy since 1999 and have consistently called on Government to recognise the role of the countryside in delivery of renewable energy.


The ability to communicate is vital to the success of rural business, whether this be by telephone or electronically. The CLA is the first national organisation to recognise this importance by lobbying both the telecoms industry and government to secure more efficient ways to connect. The CLA’s broadband policy highlights this very point, developed as it has over the last ten years to illustrate the importance of digital connectivity to the rural business and the people who live in the rural community.