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Welcome to the CLA's Members' Area, My CLA

With over 30,000 members and over 100 years experience in defending their rights and interests, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer:


Our authority, expertise, and access to local and national decision-makers mean that CLA’s influence works on your behalf.  Our success in key lobbying and policy areas gives you the security and certainty to invest in your land, property and business.

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We provide members with impartial, professional advice both locally and nationally. Our in-house team based in the regions and in London can advise you on taxation, environmental issues, planning, land use and legal matters amongst other topics.

Members can look forward to receiving this though our in-house advisory service, contact with your local team, monthly Land & Business magazine, regular newsletters, guidance notes and handbooks and local events and seminars. 

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Our programme of research means that the CLA has our finger firmly on the pulse of the rural economy. Getting the inside track on important rural matters lets you keep up to date on the latest in landownership.

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Widen your contacts and gain understanding through our unrivalled regional network which allows you to meet other land and property owners. You can also source products and services that landowning rural businesses need through the CLA Business Directory, as well as finding new customers. Exclusive partnerships can also be arranged to provide further business options.

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Member Services

You can access distinctive services from suppliers who share our values. CLA Insurance offers specialist products to ensure you are properly protected; CLA Utilities can help cut costs when looking to secure the best rates on utilities for your business; CLA Healthcare can save you money on health insurance; and CLA Foreign Exchange can help you get the most out of your foreign currency transactions. CLA members can take advantage of specially negotiated offers including exclusive and competitive rates on Toyota 4x4 vehicles and discount when joining mydeposits.

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