What CLA Cymru does for you


With the Welsh Government being granted primary legislative powers in 2011, there has been a significant increase in the volume and shift in the direction of devolved policy. 

The CLA Cymru office has a highly qualified team of advisers and lobbyists who work specifically with the Welsh Government on behalf the CLA’s thousands of Welsh members.  Led by CLA Cymru's Welsh-speaking Director, Rebecca Williams and incorporating Policy Director Karen Anthony, who is Welsh-speaking; Policy Adviser Rhianne Jones and Rural Surveyor Charles de Winton, this central team has a wide-reaching remit covering everything from agricultural reforms to housing and planning policy.

We keep you up to date with the latest news on land management and rural business. The CLA Land & Business magazine has a section devoted to Welsh affairs and our website together with the regional e-news helps to deliver the most recent developments in law, regulations, farming and business practice.

As part of our lobbying, we help make sure CLA members' views and interests are aired in the media. If you have a story connected to your business and the CLA that is of media interest, contact the CLA Cymru team on 01547 317085. 

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