Core Objectives

The CLA exists specifically to protect and defend the interests of all landowners in England and Wales.

Membership of the CLA helps to protect, enhance and develop a member’s assets whether they are land, business, property, wealth or a commitment to the countryside.

In addition to our wide range of activities we will focus on the following objectives.

Defending private property rights in England and Wales and insisting on compensation when private property rights are diminished in any way: We will work to minimise the impact of statutory public access provisions and promote the benefits of an incentive-led voluntary approach whether this is access to coastal areas, rivers or woodland and we will campaign to secure a reform of existing compulsory purchase law and practice to improve the terms that are offered when land is taken for public purposes.

Championing the profitability of rural businesses: CLA emphasises to all levels of Government that the basic building block of the rural economy must be profitable farming and forestry and other rural businesses. Many strands of our work have this aim in mind. For example, we seek to maintain the size of the CAP budget, to reduce red tape and to reform the planning and tax regimes so as to stimulate rural economic development.

Promoting the role of land owners and managers in delivering landscape, biodiversity and mitigating climate change: We will build on our success to date in making the case that only farmers and land managers can provide food while at the same time delivering a healthy and natural environment.